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About Deep Sound Meditation

Deep Sound Meditation is a part of a global effort to ease suffering. Suffering comes in many ways. Physical suffering can be rooted in poverty and sickness and mental suffering through lack of clarity, fear of the unknown and strong emotional reactions.


To assist with the mental instabilities of the mind we offer meditation classes using sounds, vibrations and chanting as well as an intellectual approach to understand the mind/body connection.


To ease physical suffering from poverty we are working in close association with Bishwa Seva Foundation (which translates to serving the world). Bishwa Seva Foundation is a California based 501(C)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to create self-sustaining economies, provide education, food, clothing and shelter to people in need. www.bishwaseva.org






About the Founder 


Deep Deoja is a magnetic presence in the San Diego area. Deep is known for his hard work, indomitable spirit, serenity and generosity. He established Deep Sound Meditation to provide sound meditation classes and lead many in the community through mindful introspection.  He has also taught the skills needed to produce soulful sound meditation sessions and this influence has spread throughout and well beyond the San Diego area.



Deep is generous with his time, often assisting many people, including the homeless meet their various basic needs.  He currently works with around 20 small cottage industries in Nepal and elsewhere and supports these businesses in establishing self-sustainability within their communities. He has created a fair-trade business bringing awareness to their local artisanship by selling handicrafts and clothing from these areas in Nepal and India at street fairs and festivals in the U.S.


Deep’s healing influence covers both sides of the globe: The sound meditations Deep leads in the San Diego area heal and inspire our community and the proceeds collected from these U.S. sound meditations support healing projects in Nepal.

Deep began offering sound meditations for free in early 2005. When visitors to the meditation events began to give money as appreciation for the community service they were receiving, Deep shared the proceeds with impoverished people in Nepal. As these meditation events gained popularity in the community and more proceeds were donated he decided to create the Bishwa Seva Foundation in 2009 to begin funding educational services of underprivileged youth in Nepal. Bishwa Seva means, “to serve the world” which emulates Deep’s calling and passion to be of service. The Bishwa Seva Foundation Nepal was created the same year and collaborates directly with the Nava Ratna English Secondary School in Panauti, Nepal.

The sound meditations have grown in attendance to as many as eighty to ninety people. The proceeds generated, combined with sponsorships and volunteer efforts, have helped the Bishwa Seva Foundation to provide fifty under-privileged school children with tuition, stationary, uniforms and nutritious meals at the NRESS in Nepal.


In 2011 the Bishwa Seva Foundation became a 501(c) 3 trust to offer tax-deductible contributions for donors.


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