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Deep Sound Meditation is a part of a global effort to ease suffering. Suffering comes in many ways. Physical suffering can be rooted in poverty and sickness and mental suffering through lack of clarity, fear of the unknown and strong emotional reactions.


To assist with the mental instabilities of the mind we offer meditation classes using sounds, vibrations and chanting as well as an intellectual approach to understand the mind/body connection.


To ease physical suffering from poverty we are working in close association with Bishwa Seva Foundation (Bishwa means world and Seva means to be of service). Bishwa Seva Foundation is a California based 501(C)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to create self-sustaining economies, provide education, food, clothing and shelter to people in need. www.bishwaseva.org


Currently, our ongoing project Mero Ghar is educating and housing children in a small town in Panauti, Nepal. Project Mero Ghar(My Home) is currently responsible for the care of five children. Another project, Project Educate-a child sponsorship program, is on the way which will be providing schooling opportunities for economically challenged students through education scholarships. Our plans are to create self sustaining villages by providing employment and educational opportunities. These projects are funded solely through your donations that is generated from our meditation events, fundraisers and other personal contributions.


About the Founder 


Deep Deoja is the founder and president of these organizations and he believes that through self-understanding and self-realization we can use the power within us to make valuable changes in ourselves, our communites and throughout the world. 


Self-realization is a state in which one understands the self and the laws of nature. When one achieves this state, he knows the difference between right and wrong. By this process of self-understanding we are more aware of our environment, the food we intake, the universal creative force, and everything there is to know, for knowledge through experience brings wisdom and wisdom is the ultimate source of happiness.

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