We welcome you to Deep Sound Meditation (DSM), a place to explore your inner self.




Meditation is not a rite or a ritual. It is a personal choice for understanding and development of wisdom.


The world as we see it with our eyes wide open is covered with Maya, illusion. In this world of illusion there are pleasant and unpleasant situations. The pleasant ones are called the happy moments and the unpleasant moments cause anger, frustration and hatred. This constant change in our physical and emotional nature is described as the true nature of suffering by the enlightened one: The Buddha.


The process of experiencing a situation, understanding it and then achieving wisdom is the true nature of meditation. There are many different meditation practices but what works for you can only be experienced by you. Meditation begins with closed eyes, clear thoughts, focused breath and self observation.


Our meditation classes allow the meditator to experience the inner nature of the self with assistance from the sounds and vibrations created by Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells and other traditional instruments. Every meditator has a personal experience depending on the needs of the their body; hence the experience that one has changes from person to person and even from one event to the other.



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